According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), batteries contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel, which can contaminate the environment when incorrectly disposed of. When incinerated, certain metals might be released into the air. Recycling batteries keeps heavy metals out of landfills and the air.. 2022. 6. 29. · Car batteries are one of the most important components for recycling. Here’s why: 1. Keeps it out of landfill sites. If a battery is simply thrown away in your municipal garbage bin, it ends up in a landfill site. The problem with this is that it eventually corrodes and starts to leak chemicals into the soil. Option 1: Replacement Battery Cartridges (RBC) If it has been 3 years, your old UPS may need a recharge. Trade in and/or replace those old UPS batteries with genuine APC replacement Battery Cartridges (RBCs) and get free return shipping, not to mention an eco-friendly disposal. Go to the Replacement Battery Selector! Option 2: Trade UPS. "/>Where to dispose of old batteries near me